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Join Our Team and Help Us Reshape Our Food System!

We are always seeking skilled and passionate individuals to join our ever-growing team of activists and changemakers. Scroll down to see a list of our open positions!

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Member, Board Of Directors

Location: Pinellas/Hillsborough Counties 

Job Type: Volunteer 

Term Length: 2 years

Position Summary

360 Eats is seeking active, experienced, and enthusiastic Board Members to assist in governing and developing the organization so that it may continue to fulfill its mission.

  • Our ideal board member is connected with the community, knowledgeable on the issues of food waste and food insecurity in the Tampa Bay Area area and beyond, has a passion for sustainability, dedicated to fundraising, promoting our programs and recruiting volunteers.

  • Our board members know it takes a team and understand the importance of investing funding and support to help provide the life-changing services we provide to end food waste and food insecurity in our community.

  • Their example inspires others to join. They provide support, by committing their time and talents, as donors and volunteers, as well as being sponsors for events and celebrations of our team.


  • Determine and maintain the Organization's mission and purpose

  • Provide proper financial oversight

  • Actively engage in fundraising activities 

  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability

  • Provide effective organizational planning

  • Recruit and orient new Board Members and assess Board performance

  • Enhance the Organization's public standing

  • Determine, monitor and strengthen the Organization's programs and services

  • Support the CEO and assess his/her performance

Kitchen Assistant

Location: Clearwater, FL

Job Type: Part Time - $20/h

Term Length: Ongoing

Position Summary

The Kitchen Assistant (KA) is responsible for assisting the Executive Chef in the day-to-day tasks of the 360 Eats meal program. They will assist with all aspects of kitchen and food truck duties, including food rescue, ingredient sorting and storage, meal preparation, food service and perform all washing and cleaning duties required in the kitchen and on the food truck. The Kitchen Assistant’s responsibilities include assisting with inventory control, kitchen waste management, assisting the Executive Chef in planning, preparing and cooking meals in a commercial kitchen and serving meals to clients at partner sites. They will assist the Executive Chef in coordinating and evaluating all aspects of food service needs to ensure the nutritional well-being of 360 Eats’ clients as well as developing and managing the 360 Eats Catering services and other food-related revenue streams. This position includes occasional evenings/weekend hours to accommodate special events. The ideal candidate will have some experience in the culinary field and have a passion for 360 Eats' mission.


Kitchen Prep and Support: Works closely with the Executive Chef to ensure the 360 Eats meal program and other food-related services run optimally and client’s meals are satisfactory.

  • Work directly with the Executive Chef to fulfill meal preparation, production, packaging and distribution. 

  • Work directly with Executive Chef to ensure proper food safety.

  • Maintaining an environment that is supportive to volunteers and sustains partnerships with community organizations.

  • Assisting and directing volunteers in meal preparation, creation, plating and delivery. 

  • Assisting with service at Catered Events.

Janitorial: Upholding safety by ensuring equipment and environment are appropriately maintained and sanitary at all times adhering to ServSafe regulations for commercial kitchens.

  • Assist in the maintenance, cleanliness, and stocking of kitchen storage areas, including the walk-in cooler, freezer and dry storage. 

  • Responsible for removing all kitchen trash and ensure that recycling and compost procedure is being followed.

  • Ensuring all equipment is properly cleaned.

  • Use all chemicals properly in the correct quantities for safety.

  • Keep kitchen area clean and organized at all times, assisting with deliveries and often carrying 50 pounds or more.

  • Clean and sanitize all kitchenware.

  • Safely and correctly operate all equipment. 

Other: Works with the Executive Chef to ensure the meal program’s mission is fulfilled.

  • Demonstrate high level of customer service and professional behavior in and outside of the kitchen.
  • Help ensure 360 Eats provides an outstanding experience for all volunteers by regularly seeking out meaningful and positive interactions with them and maintaining a positive, friendly and helpful attitude at all times. 
  • Other duties as assigned by the Executive Chef. 

Actual Job Responsibilities

  • Report to and work closely with the Executive Chef to develop and maintain the 360 Eats meal program and catering.

  • Assisting the Executive Chef in developing menus that are nutritious, exciting and inclusive of all client’s dietary needs and preferences.

  • Maintaining the kitchen and surrounding areas in conditions that meet 360 Eats’ standards and health code regulations.

  • Training and supervising volunteers. 

  • Other duties as assigned by the Executive Chef.

360 Eats is an equal opportunity organization and will not allow discrimination based upon age, ethnicity, ancestry, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, or any other status prohibited by applicable law.

Difference Makers

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