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Cameron Macleish

Cameron Macleish
Co-Founder / Chairman / Executive Director

Hi there! My name is Cameron. I am a Florida local and a musician, traveler, and activist.

I find inspiration in the world and its cultures, traditions, landscapes, history, food, music and art. Selflessness, passion and kindness are qualities in people that inspire me on a daily basis. 


During my travels through Australia in 2015, I stumbled on a community of dumpster divers who introduced me to the realities of food waste. I was inspired to find a way to reroute all of this perfectly good food from the dumpster and into the bellies of those who need it the most. This is what led to the creation of 360 Eats. In 2023, I was awarded the Tampa Bay Lightning Community Hero Award for my work with 360 Eats. 

Ellen Macleish

Ellen Macleish
Co-Founder / Vice-Chairman / Executive Chef

Hello, I'm Ellen. I'm inspired by kindness, generosity, humility, honesty and natural beauty.

In my spare time, I practice yoga, Pilates, reading new fiction, walking in beautiful spaces and even cooking (yes, I also do it for relaxation and fun!).

The natural food movement in the 70s changed how I saw food and it's critical role in our ongoing health, but also how the food system was being industrialized, politicized and marketed away from being truly healthy for us. I entered the food industry professionally just seven years ago, with a commitment to affect positive change from within. 

Geoffrey Anderson- Board Member 360 Eats

Geoffrey Anderson

Hello, my name is Geoff Anderson. 

I'm currently the VP of Strategic & Corporate Development at WellDyne, where I focus on M&A and other growth initiatives.  My expertise lies in mergers & acquisitions, strategic and business development, and financial forecasting and analysis.  


I moved to Florida in 2012 and have spent most of my time in the Sunshine State in St. Petersburg, which I currently call home. In my spare time, I try and take advantage of the Florida weather on the golf course, at the beach or pursuing other outdoor activities.  


I'm passionate about working with the 360 Eats team as they have developed a unique and cost-effective approach to create a more sustainable and equitable food system.  I'm looking forward to supporting Cameron and Ellen and helping the organization reach its full potential.   

Casey Wright- Board Member of 360 Eats

Casey Wright
Board Member 

Hello! My name is Casey Wright. I work as a Vice President of Operations for US Foods, where I serve as an operations liaison within the enterprise’s project management office. My expertise lies in project management, warehousing, logistics, and last-mile delivery in the food distribution industry. 


I live in Tampa with my wife and our Goldendoodle named Magnolia Mae. In my spare time, I enjoy golfing, lifting, running, and cycling. Each year, I participate in a 160-mile, two-day ride called “Bike MS” that aims to fundraise for Multiple Sclerosis research to find a cure.


As a food pantry volunteer and having witnessed food waste first-hand within the distribution and retail industries, I’m most passionate about 360 Eats’ circular and sustainable solution to eliminate waste and food insecurity. 

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Steve Marciano
Board Member 

Hello, my name is Steve Marciano. I am currently the Manager of Business Operations
for St. Anthony’s Hospital within the BayCare Health System. I am a nursing professional with a vast background in business and finance management, clinical standard and health care policy, leadership, and project management. I completed both a Baccalaureate degree in Public Health and a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration.

I reside in Palm Harbor and have lived in Pinellas County, Florida for the past 36
years. I enjoy biking, physical fitness activities, travel, and volunteering my time to organizations improving the outcomes of vulnerable populations.

I am impassioned and inspired at the opportunity to join Cameron, Ellen, and the
360 Eats team, to collaborate on bridging the gaps of food waste and food insecurity
in our community. The innovative circular economic system to provide sustainable
food resource solutions aimed at eliminating waste and fostering the continual use
of resources, will improve outcomes for those vulnerable in the community experiencing food insecurity.

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