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Every day perfectly good, healthy food is thrown away across the United States. So a non-profit organization out of Pinellas County...


A mother and son are serving up a fresh idea. They are bringing meals into needy communities by using food that would have gone to waste. 


Chef Ellen Macleish talks to Bay News 9 about 360 Eats and the launch of the 360 Eats food truck.


Cameron and Ellen Macleish got a visit from the Proof Podcast team at America's Test Kitchen to discuss how trash becomes 360 Eats treasure. Listen to Season 10, Episode 8 of "Your Trash? My Treasure" You'll find us at the 23:55 minute mark!

360 Eats Catering Logo

Cameron Macleish sits down with the St. Pete Catalyst to talk about 360 Eats Catering. 

Cameron and Ellen Macleish speak at a 360 Eats Catering event.

Most people don’t think about what happens to all the food restaurants don’t cook, or grocery stores don’t sell. 

Cameron and Ellen Macleish are all smiles as they host a 360 Eats Catering event.

Pinellas-based nonprofit 360 Eats continues to seek grants and funding needed to expand its innovative food delivery system that bridges the gap between hunger, food waste and sustainability in areas that need it the most – like South St. Petersburg.

The 360 Eats crew are all smiles at the 2021 Dessert Wars competition in Tampa Bay.

We love food, including all things desserts so we competed in the biggest dessert competition in the country. We did it the 360 Eats way, of course, utilizing sustainable food and scraps to create scrumptious desserts.  

Cameron and Ellen Macleish are presented a check for $7500 for placing third at Fast Pitch competition sponsored by SVP Tampa Bay.

360 Eats competed in the SVP Tampa Bay's annual Fast Pitch competition to win money for our upcoming Mobile Food Truck

360 Eats volunteers ready to hand out meals to those in need.

A mother and son have cooked up a plan to cut down on food waste and fight food insecurity. But 360 Eats is dealing with another setback- a damaged delivery truck. 

Zero-Waste Brunch at Green Bench Brewing Co.

Ever wonder what happens with unused food from local businesses? 360 Eats partners with Green Bench Brewing to re-imagine those food scraps into a gourmet brunch. 

Cameron and Ellen Macleish at a 360 Eats event.

Cameron and Ellen Macleish, team up to change the landscape of food donations by fighting food insecurity, eliminating hunger, and providing food in a sustainable manner. 

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Cameron sits down for a chat on The Impact podcast with the St. Pete Catalyst to talk about 360 Eats. 

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Before 360 Eats was born, there was "Cooking With Trash" and dumpster diving in foreign countries. Read about the unconventional journey that inspired the creation of 360 Eats. 

Cameron Macleish poses with rescued food.

In the dark of night, Cameron Macleish grabs his flashlight and crate, ready to carry out his work.

The Today Show logo

Cameron sits down with Al Roker and Sheinelle Jones on The Today Show to talk about one of his favorite pastimes, dumpster diving, and explains its connection to food waste. 

Cameron Macleish surrounded by a sea of bread.

Our founder, Cameron Macleish, got to write a piece for the Huffington Post. Here's what he had to say about his dumpster diving. 

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See "Cooking With Trash" through the lens of 60 Second Docs.

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