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The Serving Food program transforms excess food into nutritious and gourmet meals for the hungry.

We believe access to nutritious and appetizing food is a basic human right that should not be influenced by socioeconomic status. This belief forms the foundation of 360 Eats’ Serving Food program and is what drives us to not only feed those who are food insecure but also to empower these communities with an availability to wholesome food and nutritional education. 


Our Serving Food program partners with a network of professional chefs, volunteers, fellow nonprofits, and restaurants to give surplus food new life in the form of lavish and hearty meals for those less fortunate.


Serving Food is a non-discriminatory program that provides a free service to all people, regardless of race, color, national origin, sex,  religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, marital or family status. 


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1. Receiving Food

Baking Layout



Donated food is received and transported to our fully licensed and equipped commissary kitchen, where it will be stored and prepared by our ServSafe certified chefs and volunteers in adherence to the Florida Department of Health’s Food Hygiene guidelines.


Click here to donate food! 

2. Meal Prep

Food Photography


Our chefs are the magic behind our meals. Using their professional knowledge and skills, excess food is transformed into nutritious gourmet meals. Relying mostly on donated food adds an element of surprise to the process and is what allows the Serving Food program to maintain a fresh and exciting menu.


Click here if you are a professional chef who would like to serve your community and showcase your skills!

3. Sustain-A-Bowl

The Perfect Vegan Sandwich

Meals are then served out of our Sustain-A-Bowl Food Truck, which leverages our partnerships with local businesses, other nonprofits, and community centers to directly serve the community. This is a 100% free service available for anyone in need. 

Click here if you are an organization that would like to add the Sustain-A-Bowl Food Truck to your list of services!

Click here to get a free meal!

4. Events

Pink Food

To further expand outreach, raise awareness, and increase community support, Sustain-A-Bowl operates at various commercial markets and events. Attendees ‘pay-what-you-feel’ for their meal, with all funds going back into the Serving Food program. There are no requirements to contribute, as we are a nonprofit that stands to create an ecosystem that values people over profit. 

Click here to have Mobile Meals at your event!

Want to help us serve food?

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