Our Team


Cameron Macleish
Founder / Chairman / CEO

Hi there! My name is Cameron. I am a Florida local and a musician, traveler, activist, and hummus enthusiast.

I find inspiration in the world and its cultures, traditions, landscapes, history, food, music and art. Selflessness, passion and kindness are qualities in people that inspire me on a daily basis. 


In my spare time, you can find me working on music or playing a show with my band, exercising, reading, outdoors camping, hiking, and relaxing in my hammock, volunteering in the community, or traveling and exploring new locations.


Ellen Macleish
Vice-Chairman / Head Chef / Internal Affairs Committee 

Hello, I'm Ellen. I'm inspired by kindness, generosity, humility, honesty and natural beauty.

In my spare time, I practice yoga, Pilates, reading new fiction, walking in beautiful spaces and even cooking (yes, I also do it for relaxation and fun!).

The natural food movement in the 70s changed how I saw food and it's critical role in our ongoing health, but also how the food system was being industrialized, politicized and marketed away from being truly healthy for us. I entered the food industry professionally just seven years ago, with a commitment to affect positive change from within. 


Sierra Guillaume
Volunteer Coordinator

Hello everyone! My name is Sierra!
I love people, plants, and our planet!
I am the owner of Royal Treatment Holistic Health and Beauty. My passion is to educate the community on their nutrition, body, and environment, while helping them heal in a holistic way.

In my spare time, you can find me somewhere in nature or involved in our amazing community. I enjoy going out in my kayak, camping, hanging in my hammock at the park, meditating, or doing yoga.

I am so excited to be a part of 360 Eats! Their mission has been a dream of mine. As someone who was involved in restaurants for years, I hated seeing all the food waste and would always petition to donate the food. However, the answer was no, and the food was thrown away. After meeting Cameron and Ellen at a market, the concept of 360 Eats was all I could talk about on the drive back! I am excited for the future and how we will help our community and planet.


JoAnn DiLernia
Board Member 

Hi, my name is JoAnn DiLernia. I work as a Senior Program Evaluator with the Juvenile Welfare Board of Pinellas County, where I evaluate after-school programs. My expertise lies in nonprofit management, evaluation, and working to ensure strong program quality. 


I recently moved to Safety Harbor, FL from Queens, NY. In my spare time I love to travel, cook, and experience all the different cultures of the world. 


As I have traveled the world, I've seen how food insecurity can affect all aspects of a person's life. This knowledge has driven me to find better ways to reduce food insecurity. 360 Eats'  does just that while also working to reduce food waste. This 360 model is innovative, and I'm excited to be working with the team to help achieve its goals.    

Casey Wright
Board Member 

Casey Wright
Board Member 

Casey (3) (1).JPG

Casey Wright
Board Member 

Hello! My name is Casey Wright. I work as a Vice President of Operations for US Foods, where I serve as an operations liaison within the enterprise’s project management office. My expertise lies in project management, warehousing, logistics, and last-mile delivery in the food distribution industry. 


I live in Tampa with my wife and our Goldendoodle named Magnolia Mae. In my spare time, I enjoy golfing, lifting, running, and cycling. Each year, I participate in a 160-mile, two-day ride called “Bike MS” that aims to fundraise for Multiple Sclerosis research to find a cure.


As a food pantry volunteer and having witnessed food waste first-hand within the distribution and retail industries, I’m most passionate about 360 Eats’ circular and sustainable solution to eliminate waste and food insecurity. 

theresa collington.jpg

Theresa Collington
Board Member 

Hi, my name is Theresa Collington. My expertise lies in digital media and re-aligning traditional business workflows to include digital content gathering and production.  Currently, I serve as the Executive Director of the Franciscan Center in Tampa while maintaining my own strategic consulting practice with a mastery in C-Suite level coaching and strategy development.


My client work includes 3+ years as the Director of Digital and Audience Development for WorkingNation, where I was proud to be part of a team of Academy Award-winning directors and producers in Los Angeles who developed a movement that consisted of compelling digital, television, and film content.


Prior to joining WorkingNation, I worked as the Director of Digital Content and Operations for the CBS Affiliate in Tampa Bay for 14 years. I have also taught several college courses, including Advanced Interactive Reporting for the University of Florida, Master’s level digital media courses for National University, and various advanced workshops for the Poynter Institute for Media Studies. I am an avid yogi, happily married to an aviation buff, and love my three rescued Shih-Tzu’s, friends, meditation, travel, and sunshine.

A Letter from the Founders: Why We Started 360 Eats

During my travels through Australia in 2015, I found myself face-to-face for the first time with a shocking reality. Behind a local grocery store on the outskirts of Melbourne was a dumpster overflowing with untouched wholesome food awaiting its demise at a local landfill. At that moment two questions I never thought I would ask popped into my head; Why is all of this perfectly edible food being thrown away? And how on earth are we going to haul all of it home?

I had stumbled on a community of "dumpster divers" who fed themselves almost solely on the good food grocery stores had discarded. Day after day, the community of 27 ate a surplus of quality foods at virtually no cost. This experience inspired me and, as I continued my travels around the globe, I challenged myself to source a majority of my food from dumpsters.


What I believed would be a difficult journey soon proved to be surprisingly easy. I began to witness the extent of food waste globally and quickly realized that it is not just an isolated issue. This experience completely reshaped the way I thought about food and is what has led to my pursuance of a just and sustainable food system.


In 2019, I partnered with my mother, Ellen, a professional chef and fellow food waste activist, to create a Youtube cooking show and food waste awareness project called 'Cooking With Trash". The project quickly gained traction after only a month of production and was soon picked up by networks such as NBC's Today Show, HuffPost's "This New World", 60 Second Docs, Garden Culture Magazine, and Feeding Tampa Bay.


Although it is crucial to bring these issues to light, it is equally important to provide solutions. Where ‘Cooking With Trash’ succeeded in raising awareness it lacked in providing a viable solution. 360 Eats is the next step in the quest to end food waste and food insecurity and it provides a simple yet effective model to help transition to a sustainable and just food system.


It is our mission at 360 Eats to help reshape our food system to benefit humankind as well as our environment. We hope in by doing so we can all work together to create a bright and healthy future for all.