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Organic Carrots


The Sprouting Food program ensures donated food is used to its full potential by turning food scraps into nutrient-rich compost to grow more food.

Black Soil
Vegetable Picking

We exist to carry out and inspire a world of equality, sustainability and stewardship, so it is important that we keep our waste to an absolute minimum. Although we aim to maximize the amount of rescued food being used for human consumption, there remains a possibility for food scraps throughout our cooking operations. Partnerships with local farms and composting initiatives as well as apps such as Make Soil and Waste No Food allow us to fulfill our goal of a zero-waste system. These partnerships allow us to offload food scraps at various composting facilities. Donated scraps are then left to break down into nutrient-rich soil, which is used to promote growth and sustainability within grassroots gardening practices throughout affected communities. 

Food Rescue

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