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Preventing Good Food From Going To Waste.

360 Eats partners with local food establishments such as grocery stores, wholesale distributors, restaurants, and farms to provide regular food rescue services focused on fresh edible ingredients, non-perishable, and highly perishable items that would otherwise end up in landfills. Even backyard gardeners can donate their excess produce. These donations go to support our weekly no-cost Sustain-A-Bowl food security food truck program that provides free, nutritious, and gourmet meals directly to our food-insecure neighbors in Pinellas County .​

A 360 Eats volunteer wheels rescued food in the 360 Eats kitchen
A 360 Eats volunteer shows off our rescued food


Volunteers are at the core of our work picking up fresh, edible food items, such as produce, meats, and dairy, that would otherwise be discarded from food vendors across the Bay Area and delivering them to our commissary kitchen space to be reimagined by our chefs into nutritious, gourmet, ready-to-eat meals for those that have less access to fresh, healthful foods. 





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