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Serve up delicious food in a variety of styles that are unique to your event.

Choose a serving style or a combination of styles that match your events distinct vision.

Factor in your location, formality, time, just to name a few, and select a style that optimizes your event. 


FOOD: A beautiful presentation offers guests many options and the ability to choose when to eat. Easy to address any special dietary needs without having to know in advance.

FLOW:  Every bite is designed so that you don’t have to sit down to eat it. Guests graze and explore for optimal movement at your event.

FUN: Creates a seriously social atmosphere! Great for product openings, cocktail parties, and product launches. Ideal when guests are arriving at different times - they always feel on time!

Meat Appetizers
appetizers being served


FOOD: Our most satisfying flavor combinations are portioned into bite-sized morsels of culinary art. Pair with wines or specialty cocktails before a meal or simply to satisfy lighter appetites.

FLOW: Ideal when guests want to socialize. With tray-passed service our staff circulates discreetly around the conversations offering an unexpected delight for every guest.

FUN: A great way to start a party! What’s better than realizing you’re hungry and having a server appear with satisfying yummies, drinks or desserts.


FOOD:  Classic service presenting a range of options. Works well with a casual menu or a formal menu, with place settings at the table.

FLOW:  A defined meal period yet one that also invites guests to mingle throughout the meal. Pair with a preset salad or appetizer to avoid a line.

FUN:  Something for everyone! Guests explore the buffet and find something they’re excited about! When they discover a favorite, guests can help themselves to “seconds”!

Stoocked Buffet
Fancy Dish


FOOD:  By far the most formal with a pre-set meal selection. Dual entrées offer a wide range of flavors on the plate. Guest meal preference or dietary needs are ideally recorded in advance.

FLOW:  Requires a seat for each guest. It may easily be worked around a program with salads or courses in between agenda items. Bars may remain open or add wine service during the meal.

FUN:  Elegant atmosphere with a high level of attention provided to each guest.


FOOD: A choice of three handheld sandwich items, with two delicious sides and a dessert, all boxed in compostable containers for grab and go convenience.

FLOW: Guests can help themselves on arrival, or during a designated break.  Guest meal preference or dietary needs are recorded in advance.

FUN: Perfect for lunchtime meetings and picnics, the casual self service allows for maximum enjoyment of the meal without sacrificing attention to the meeting or activities.



FOOD: Healthy, customizable bowls that work well with a casual or semi-formal menu.

FLOW: Guests can order and pick up food directly at the food truck on arrival or during a designated break. Guests meal preference or dietary needs can be recorded in advance. 

FUN: Perfect for lunchtime meetings and events. 

Decided on a serving style?

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